purple martin

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to process things, but today is special to me.  I remember what I was doing exactly one year ago…

It was a beautiful summer evening.  I had surprised my love by taking him to a Purple Martin party hosted by the Audubon Society.  Every year hundreds of thousands of purple martins fly in to roost in a small group of trees right around sunset in July in Austin.  The sky darkens with the sheer density of the creatures and people gather to watch in awe.  My love has a phobia of birds, so this was an interesting surprise for him, but he handled it well.  Following the spectacle of things, we went to a nearby hotel where they were offering a Purple Martin martini special.

While we were sipping our drinks, I got the text message from my brother letting me know that he was at the hospital and asking me to buy him some food.  Reaching out to me on that day was the beginning of a long series of events that brought my brother into recovery.

While I can’t say that things always went smoothly from that day forward, I can say that my brother has over six months of sobriety now.  He’s living with roommates, working, and attends meetings with his fellow rehab alumni.  I sent him a message today to let him know how proud I am that he reached out a year ago and began to change his life.  We have been so blessed for things to have changed so much in the past year and I am so grateful for today.