My brother said that he was a celebrity at the rehab.  In a world where many people go through 30-day inpatient treatment programs, my brother had been at his rehab for a full 90-days.  He had been given special responsibilities to help new guys adjust to the program, but nevertheless he was really excited to leave.

It was a windy day when my mom and I picked him up.  He didn’t have many things so we took him to a Walmart for essentials before dropping him off at the sober house.  Last time Joseph did rehab, he was supposed to exit into a sober house but the rehab had been unable to help him find one to move into.  My brother had lasted only a week before he disappeared back into his drug lifestyle.

This time around this different rehab had found my brother a spot at a sober house.  In fact, this sober house is located in a neighborhood that I had moved out of eight years earlier because I couldn’t afford the rent anymore.  His new $800/month location is certainly not cheap, but clearly it’s a nice neighborhood and there are lots of businesses in walking distance.

Joseph was especially excited to move into the new place because he would be rooming with someone that he had befriended at the rehab.  I’m glad that he will be starting with some kind of support system in place.  The sober house has pretty stringent rules about attending AA/NA/HA, etc. meetings and working or volunteering, but I think that it’s a good thing for the residents.

Joseph has been there about a week now.  I took him a couple of packs of cigarettes today and bought him a quick lunch.  He’s still making eye contract, still responding to text messages, and is actively looking for work.  His jittery nature made me feel a bit concerned, but I know these guys chug coffee and energy drinks like there is no end in site so I tried to dismiss it.  Joseph’s court date is Monday and if all goes well, his probation will be reinstated and he’ll spend his next six months in the sober house.  It’s a relief to have my brother staying on his own, but scary too.  I’m just glad he’s not far away.  If he could just get a job now, things would dramatically improve for the family.  After the cost of rehab, $800/month plus food and cigarettes cost continue to be a drain.

We pay it all because having him around and not on drugs is worth it and we’re feeling relieved for now that all is well.